Trained in her hometown Tehran, Deniz Khateri is an actor, director, playwright, shadow puppetry artist and animator based in New York. Her works attempt to experiment with form and exploring the unique characteristics of the medium that she is using. She is particularly in search of the elements that highlight theatre from other mediums.

Deniz has performed extensively in Tehran  and has worked with Boston theatre companies including ArtsEmerson, Central Square, Underground Railway Theatre, Boston University, Apollinaire , etc. as an actor. Her plays have been performed in festivals in Tehran, Boston and New York.

In her new work,”The Cellos’ Dialogue” workshopped and performed at NY’s Exponential festival, she experimented using her musical instrument,Qeychak, as a puppet. Deniz has made shadow puppetry visuals for several contemporary classical composers and has directed works at Guerrilla opera company including Sept Papillon and Rumplestiltskin.

Deniz has won the NYFA award for her animated web series "Diasporan Series" which is about daily struggles of immigrants . She created Diasporan to tell real stories of immigrants from Iran

in the US. Diasporan is written. directed, produced and animated by herself.