Deniz Khateri

Theatre Artist

Brooklyn- New York , 

Upcoming Performances

Hamlet (Online) - Nov 13&14

Recent Performances

Fish Trees by Deniz Khateri

Syracuse Virtual Play Festival 3x3 Sept 17

August 23, 2020 at Cyber Tank

The Evening Melody- An Experiment 

Jan 2020 - Exponential Festival

Cellos Dialogue- Solo Performance

May 2019 : National Opera Center

Rumpelstiltskin- Composed by Marti Epstein

Guerilla Opera

 "Staged with shadow-puppet animations designed by Deniz Khateri." ~ The New Yorker

Deniz is the 2020 Winner of NYFA Fund for Women in Theatre, Music and Media for her "Diasporan" Series

" A moving performance from Deniz Khateri"-NewEngland Theatre Geek

"Khateri’s descent into madness following Polonius’ murder is gripping, but before that she is interestingly guarded. Not the clueless Ophelia of so many other productions."-ArtsFuse

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